Previous JC Indian Sandalwood investments



1) Shows the (pro rata) value of the plantations as per 31.08.2016 and as prepared by Quintis’s auditors using generally
   accepted Australian valuation principles for the valuation of plantations (SGARA). Being an asset-valuation only and
   not taking into account all costs and taxes related to the investment structure, this valuation can only serve as an
   indication for the value relevant from a German investor's perspective.


2) In 2015, an individual annual payout option was introduced for Indian Sandalwood 1 and JC Indian Sandalwood 2.
   According to this, investors may opt whether, and to what extent (normally up to 20% of the amount invested),
   they wish to participate in these annual payouts. The total disbursements made in 2015 and 2016 equalled 100% 
   of the total payouts requested