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Much is being reported and written about Indian Sandalwood, be it about the different end-user markets, potential future applications, the continuing supply shortages for wildly grown Indian sandalwood trees or the many challenges involved in cultivating Indian sandalwood on plantations.

 The “Press Review” section contains a compilation of about 10 selected articles on the subject of Indian sandalwood which we find to be particularly pertinent, while the “Press Archive” contains a chronological list  of many more recent press articles relating to Indian sandalwood.

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Press Review

The Press Review contains a small selection of press articles which we particularly wish to draw to your attention, as they either contain particularly pertinent or in-depth discussions of a topic we consider relevant.

All articles that are listed here are also listed in the “Press Archive”.

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Press Archive

The press archive contains many international press articles related to the topic of Indian sandalwood
(e.g. its various end-user markets, Quintis, Jäderberg & Cie etc.).

All articles are listed in chronological order.

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