Our plantations

Jäderberg & Cie. and the investment vehicles managed by it, are invested in Indian sandalwood plantations with a total area of more than 550 hectares.

The plantations are located in the tropical north of Australia, offering ideal climatic conditions, natural water resources and fertile soils. They are located inland and as such offer a natural protection against cyclones.

Our Indian sandalwood plantations are managed by our very experienced asset partner Quintis and according to the latest best practices employed in modern forestry. Locally, the plantations are looked after on a daily basis by designated forestry experts, agronomists and highly dedicated Quintis employees. This helps to ensure the successful growth of the Indian sandalwood trees.



Eagle Park plantation

The Eagle Park plantation is located in Katherine in the Australian Northern Territory, approximately 300 kilometers away from the northern coastal region and near the Kakadu National Park.

Planted area: 107.73ha | Planting: Q3.2012

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Elliot plantation

The Elliot plantation is located about 26 kilometers south of the Sexton plantation in Burdekin-Dalbeg, on the north-eastern coast of Australia in Queensland.

Planted area: 74.80ha | Planting: Q2.2013

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Sexton plantation

The Sexton plantation is located in north-eastern Australia in Burkedin-Millaroo north of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

Planted area: 110.25ha | Planting: Q2.2013

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Manaroo plantation

Halfway between our Eagle Park plantation and the Australian northern coast lies the Manaroo plantation which is located in Douglas Daly in the Northern Territory.

Planted area: 280.0ha | Planting: Q4.2016

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