Our history with Quintis

We were skeptical at first, when we were introduced to a potential investment in Indian sandalwood, especially as the plantations of Quintis are located in distant Australia. The returns forecasted by Quintis seemed too high to be credible.

However, the more we investigated the opportunity, the more we became convinced by the concept.

Since January 2010, we have personally travelled to Australia on multiple occasions in order to convince ourselves of the quality of Quintis' plantations, its management and its employees and will continue to do so in future. So far, we have always been very impressed by the competence, expertise and the enthusiasm demonstrated by Quintis' management and staff

We launched our first Indian sandalwood investment in 2010 and we have structured and placed a number of further Indian sandalwood based investments since then, working closely together with Quintis all the time.

Our team continues to travel to Australia regularly and our co-investors and partners also get ample opportunity to meet with the Quintis management team, either during one of our events here in Europe or when travelling to Australia personally.

Facts which we find convincing:

  • To date, Quintis is the only company globally, which can cultivate Indian sandalwood on plantations in a sustainable manner and in commercially relevant quantities. Quintis currently manages over 12'100 hectares of Indian sandalwood plantations containing over 5.4 million planted trees, making-up the largest area of ​​Indian sandalwood in the world. To this, Quintis adds about 1'500 hectares of newly planted Indian sandalwood plantations each year.

  • Quintis' Indian sandalwood plantations are strategically located across the entire north of Australia. The plantation sites not only provide optimal growth conditions for Indian sandalwood trees, but also provide a useful risk diversification across multiple regions.

  • Quintis is the only vertically fully integrated Indian sandalwood company in the world. Quintis is world leading starting from the development of its own seeds, to raising its own seedlings in its own seedling stations and nurseries, to nurturing the trees during their growth phase using own forestry experts, through to the exploitation of the tree’s various wood and oil products and the subsequent processing of the many Indian sandalwood derived raw materials into the various finished end-products.

  • Through the acquisition of Mt Romance, Quintis acquired the world's largest sandalwood distillery and has thus further increased the barriers-to-entry for potential competitors.

  • Similarly, the outright acquisition of Santalis, an American biotech company, was useful in further extending Quintis' control of the end-to-end Indian sandalwood value chain. Santalis develops new prescription drugs and pharmaceutical applications based on Quintis' Indian sandalwood oil and it owns the exclusive marketing rights for the exploitation of Indian sandalwood oil in the healthcare sector. Quintis is the only producer of pharmaceutical grade Indian sandalwood oil (which Quintis has branded SAO) and as such, it is currently the only company worldwide, which is able to exploit this newly emerging and highly lucrative market potential.

  • Across the entire value chain, Quintis' time-to-market and know-how lead over its competitors is significant and makes it unlikely, that any of these competitors is likely to catch-up with Quintis for many years to come.