More than a sacred tree

Indian sandalwood is one of the most sought-after and valuable tropical trees in the world.

Venerated as a "sacred tree", its wood and the sandalwood oil distilled from it have been worshipped for millennia and as a result, are a deeply rooted and important merchandise in Hindu and Buddhist cultures.

The reason for its desirability are its alluring scent as well as the healing properties of the oil extracted from it.
These healing qualities have been documented in Ayurvedic medicine for over 4’000 years and for over 1,500 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

More recently, many of these remedial properties have been confirmed through scientific pharmaceutical research.
This (ongoing) research now forms the basis for the development of newly emerging drugs which use pharmaceutical grade Indian sandalwood oil ( Sandalwood Album Oil - SAO) as an ingredient, offering our investors a lucrative new growth potential.
For more information about the different uses of Indian sandalwood, please visit the “Key markets” page.

Due to its high desirability and therefore value, the tree has been subject to illegal logging and over-exploitation during recent decades. As a result of this, the Indian sandalwood tree is now threatened by complete extinction in India - where most Indian sandalwood has traditionally been sourced – and consequently the tree’s supply has almost completely disappeared. Our asset partner Quintis is the only company in the world which is able to cultivate and supply sustainably grown and commercially meaningful quantities of plantation sourced Indian sandalwood.

As a result, Quintis has been able to create a quasi-monopoly around this natural resource through which our investors are also able to participate in the attractive commercials around the extended value chain of this valuable resource.