Quintis - A Success Story

In less than two decades, Quintis has grown into the world's leading Indian sandalwood supplier and a publicly listed company. From its beginnings, Quintis has invested heavily in areas such as forestry, oil distillation as well as pharmaceutical product research & development. The results of these intense and focused efforts were the drivers for the continued success of Quintis. Some of Quintis' key milestones are listed below:


Western Australia’s Forestry Service begins with its first efforts at cultivating Indian sandalwood plantations in Kununurra.


Frank Wilson becomes aware of these research plantations and, encouraged by the first research results, is convinced of their potential. He incorporates the company named Tropical Forestry Services or Quintis.


With the help of the foresters who led the government’s Indian sandalwood research plantations, Quintis begins to plant its first own Indian sandalwood plantations in Kununurra.


Quintis becomes publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.


Quintis acquires the Kingston Rest property, a key location for Quintis' further expansion.


Quintis acquires Mount Romance, the world’s largest sandalwood oil distillery.

The first institutional investors begin to invest in Indian sandalwood plantations.


Quintis is listed in Forbes’ "Best under a billion Asia Pacific“ ranking.

Quintis commences its partnership with a US based biomedical research team in order to develop new pharmaceutical products and applications for EISO (East Indian Sandalwood Oil).

Jäderberg Group becomes Quintis' exclusive partner for the distribution of investment products based on Quintis managed Indian sandalwood plantations in Australia.


Quintis continues to invest into its own forestry related research and development as well as into its Indian sandalwood oil distillation facilities.

Quintis establishes ViroXis Corporation (now Santalis Pharmaceuticals Inc.), a joint venture for the exploration and development of new therapeutic and Indian sandalwood oil based prescription drugs.

Jäderberg & Cie. begins offering its second Indian sandalwood based investment product: JC Indian Sandalwood 1


Quintis continues to expand and establishes its plantations in Queensland and the Northern Territory.


Jäderberg & Cie. Begins offering its second Indian sandalwood based investment product: JC Indian Sandalwood 2


Quintis manufactures and sells the first Indian sandalwood oil from its own cultivated trees.


Quintis' first commercial scale harvest from its own Indian sandalwood plantations.

Santalis Pharmaceuticals Inc. signs a product-licensing and supply agreement with Nestlé subsidiary Galderma, a world leading dermatology companies.

The shares of Quintis are included in the Australian ASX300 share index.


Galderma launches its acne product Benzac (containing Quintis' Indian sandalwood oil). Benzac is distributed in the US through retailers such as Walmart, Target, Amazon.com, Walgreens and CVS. The US magazine Health selects it as acne product of the year.

Quintis acquires the whole of Santalis Pharmaceuticals, in order to continue to drive its pharmaceutical research and development efforts.

Jäderberg & Cie. places the JC Eagle Park 1 investment and launches the JC Eagle Park 4 investment.


Jäderberg & Cie. launches the JC Indian Sandalwood 5 investment.