Growth potential in the pharmaceutical industry

Based on numerous ongoing scientific and pharmaceutical research projects into the possible future medical uses of Indian sandalwood oil as well as based on the promising findings from this research to date, the global demand for Indian sandalwood is forecasted to increase substantially, driven primarily by these newly emerging applications for Indian sandalwood in the pharmaceutical sector.

While in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine Indian sandalwood has been in use for centuries as an important remedy in the treatment of, for instance, bronchitis, bladder as well as viral skin infections etc. (given its antiseptic, antipyretic, draining and mucolytic medicinal properties), it has only been recently, that western science has begun to research the composition and healing properties of Indian sandalwood oil.

Our asset partner Quintis is the only producer and supplier of so-called "ICH Q7 standards" based Indian sandalwood oil, meaning an oil of sufficient quality to be used as an ingredient in the pharmaceutical and medicinal industries. The ICH Q7 standard is a risk-based auditing standard for API manufacturers and serves as a set of recommendations providing a minimally required standard.

Quintis has named Indian sandalwood oil of this quality "SAO“, Sandalwood Album Oil.


Indian sandalwood oil of this quality is called "ESIO" (East Indian Sandalwood Oil) by Quintis