Exploitation of Indian Sandalwood Trees into Oil, Wood and various By-Products

The main constituents of an Indian sandalwood tree are the heartwood contained in its stem as well as the roots of the tree, which both contain the valuable Indian sandalwood oil. However, Quintis also uses and processes further the other parts of the tree which do not contain any oil.

Quintis also internationally markets and sells the various by-products which are won during the processing of the trees oil and wood.

Pure Indian Sandalwood Oil

Pure Indian Sandalwood Oil - Oil products

Its pale yellow, very viscous and somewhat scratchy tasting liquid has a lasting and very aromatic scent. It’s very rich in isomeric alcohols α- and β-santalol. Indian sandalwood oil is characterised by its manifold properties. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, dermatological and soothing effects, which is why it is an often used ingredient in natural medicine and in cosmetics. Furthermore, it acts as a repellent against vermin and mosquitoes and at the same time, it is one of the best carriers used for fragrances in the perfume industry.

Pure Indian Sandalwood Oil - Oil products

Using steam distillation, the valuable Indian sandalwood oil is extracted from the tree’s heartwood and roots. Depending on the quality, Indian sandalwood oil achieves market prices of more than USD 4’500 per kilogram and it is used for the production of many different end products.

Pure Indian Sandalwood Oil - Oil products

For instance, our asset partner Quintis is the only company in the world which can distil pharmaceutical grade sandalwood oil, which is the only sandalwood oil which is FDA approved for use in the manufacture of medical and pharmaceutical drugs.


Indian Sandalwood - Wood - Heartwood

The heartwood is not only used for the production of Indian sandalwood oil but, especially in Asia, is also very sought-after for the manufacturing of valuable and fragrant fine carvings, furniture, wooden beads for prayer bands as well as other religious and ceremonial regalia and ornaments.




Indian Sandalwood - Wood Products - Wood Powder

Wood Powder

Wood powder won from Indian sandalwood is mainly used in traditional and natural medicine and in the cosmetics industry.

Indian Sandalwood - Wood - Wood chips (Spent Charge)

Wood Chips (Spent Charge)

Wood chips (spent charge) are wood residues that remain after the distillation of Indian sandalwood oil.
They are, for instance, used for the production of incense.

Indian sandalwood - Oil products - Resins


Resins are extracted from wood chips obtained from Indian sandalwood. They can be used for the production of incense, of which in India alone, around 500 million sticks are burnt every single day.

Indian sandalwood - Oil products - Terpenes


Aromatic constituents won from Indian sandalwood and used for the manufacture of perfumes and attars (non-alcoholic perfumes).