New video: harvest 2016

2016 Harvest Highlights:

  • c32,000 trees harvested in two and a half months
  • c300 tonnes of heartwood – a 10-fold increase in volume from last year
  • Primary processing centre operated 24 hours a day
  • Advanced processing technology was used - 9 specialised machines (from a total of 14)
  • A range of products manufactured including chips, gullies, manufacturing logs and heartwood billets
  • Comprehensive sampling to support ongoing R&D – valuable insights to refine forestry practice

How is a tree harvested?

The Quality Assurance team identify and mark areas for harvest, and issue harvest orders based on this information.
A feller buncher cuts the tree at its base, logs are cut according to wood type AND the attributes of each tree are recorded for our quality assurance and R&D departments. Logs are then loaded onto trucks ready for dispatch to the Primary Processing Centre (PPC). Once the branches have been transported, a corer is used to remove the valuable oil-bearing sections of the butts and root system. These will then be transported to the PPC and tumbled to remove any dirt. 


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