Under the central theme of “Nature in the portfolio” we structure and manage natural investment assets which, apart from offering attractive returns, are focused on security, sustainability and social responsibility.  

Our core activity is centred around the comprehensive investment management surrounding a unique and valuable asset:

Indian Sandalwood.


Indian Sandalwood

Indian sandalwood is one of the most valuable tropical woods in the world. Its heartwood contains an ethereal oil which traditionally has been and continues to be highly sought after because of its healing properties.
In its natural habitat in India, Indian sandalwood is threatened by extinction.


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In 2010 we were the first international plantation investor of Quintis.
Today, our plantation neighbours are some of the most reputable institutional investors worldwide.
However, we are the only investment firm which offers co-investors the opportunity to invest in Indian sandalwood.


Indisches Sandelholz


We develop customised investment products for investors looking to invest in Indian sandalwood plantations.

The plantations are being managed by market leader Quintis, which also markets the harvested end-products.


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We will keep you up-to-date regarding the Indian sandalwood asset and will share with you current articles relating to our investments and our asset partner Quintis.

Video: Sustainable Indian sandalwood

The following video provides a good overview of Indian sandalwood, how it is used and of our asset partner Quintis.
You can find further videos on our “News” page under “Gallery & Videos”.


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Indian Sandalwood

Indian sandalwood is one of the world’s most valuable tropical woods with an ancient tradition spanning back for millennia.

Owing to illegal and excessive overexploitation as well as growing demand, its natural supply today has diminished to an extent, where the tree is now almost completely extinct. As a consequence of this, the tree is now a protected species.  

For years now, the demand for the tree’s wood and essential oil has increased steadily.

Our asset partner Quintis owns the only commercially viable and sustainably grown Indian sandalwood plantations in the world.

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The financial performance of our previous investment offerings has been impressive. We have no reason, therefore, to doubt that our current offerings for professional and private investors will be equally successful.

Depending on the envisaged investment volume, our investors can currently choose between an investment starting from € 10,000 (JC Indian sandalwood 5) or a special AIF with a minimum investment sum of € 200,000 (JC Eagle Park 4).

For customers with more specific requirement, we also structure individually customised investment solutions around this natural asset. 

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In 2010, Jäderberg & Cie. was the first international investor in Quintis plantations. 
Since then, only a handful of very selected and large institutional investors has followed suit.

However, outside of Australia, we remain the only investor who offers investment products and solutions around this exclusive asset. 

All our Indian sandalwood plantations in Australia are being managed and marketed by Quintis, the world’s leading Indian sandalwood company. 
Quintis is the only supplier worldwide able to sustainably produce Indian sandalwood in commercially relevant quantities.

Moreover, Quintis is the only supplier worldwide able to produce pharmaceutical grade Indian sandalwood oil, which opens completely new growth prospects in the emerging pharmaceutical industry.

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